Since 1978, Clínica Santa Rosa has been a clear example of steady evolution towards Total Quality. Based on professional excellence and human commitment, Clínica Santa Rosa is a leader in the universe of Mental Health in Argentina.

Our work has always been inspired by a modern psychiatric concept, based on the respect towards the human being, which uses hospitalization only as one among several options in the course of a treatment.

Today, our services are definitively consolidated, with the inauguration of a unique environment, characterized by a very comfortable and warm atmosphere, and modern, safe and functional installations, designed to offer our patients a high level life-quality, thus creating an optimal medium to develop our professional convictions.

During all these years we have always been guided by our motto, still fully valid today: “In the race for quality, there is no finish line”.

Dr. Carlos Miguel González
Managing Director

We have implemented an open-door system, integrating families into the healing process, and encouraging each patient to freely express themselves within a frame of clear rules and careful professional control.